Hakeem Faizy says he will focus on future, will not bow to Samastha diktats

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Abdul Hakeem Faizy Adrisseri

Abdul Hakeem Faizy Adrisseri

Abdul Hakeem Faizy Adrisseri, the general secretary of the Coordination of Islamic Colleges (CIC), who was forced to resign following the pressure tactics of the Samastha Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulama, appeared determined to carry forward his mission by synthesising religious and temporal education.

“We cannot leave the thousands of students studying on CIC campuses and their parents in the lurch. We have a commitment to them. We will take them forward by instilling the best education,” said Mr. Faizy during a chat with The Hindu.

As many as 8,063 students, including 3,946 girls, are studying on 89 CIC-affiliated campuses across the State. The resignation of Mr. Faizy and 130 CIC functionaries has brought uncertainty over those campuses.

Although Samastha president Syed Jifri Muthukoya Thangal entrusted CIC president Syed Sadikali Shihab Thangal, who is also State president of the Indian Union Muslim League, to steer CIC institutions forward by taking appropriate decisions, the curriculum being followed by the CIC does not look easy for the Samastha to manage.

The Samastha expelled Mr. Faizy and declared him persona non grata by slapping on him charges like ideological digression, promoting pan-Islamic thoughts, and subscribing to theocratic ideology.

“All allegations levelled by the Samastha are false. Let them prove it if they can. They have filed fabricated cases against me and levelled all kinds of allegations. It is a shame that they are asking others not to share a platform with me. I am not afraid of the Samastha. I bow only to Allah,” said Mr. Faizy.

Mr. Jifri Thangal had no answer when reporters asked him about the alleged ideological digression of Mr. Faizy the other day. He also had evaded the question whether Mr. Faizy had been heard by the Samastha before initiating action against him.

Although he ruled out a split or forming a parallel system, Mr. Faizy said the new generation would not kowtow to the diktats of the Samastha. “The new generation will handle it, and I shall work with them,” he said, adding that 30 years of service he had put in for the formation of the CIC had given him gratification.

Almost the entire CIC academia appears to be with Mr. Faizy. The Wafy and Wafiyya Students’ Federations, the boys and girls unions of CIC, disbanded themselves in protest. Several teachers, headmasters, and principals of CIC institutions expressed their willingness to quit but were dissuaded by Mr. Faizy.

The CIC bylaw says that the general secretary will continue to be the caretaker secretary until the general body accepts his resignation. Although Mr. Faizy submitted his resignation to Mr. Sadikali Thangal, its effectiveness will be subject to the general body’s acceptance. Mr. Thangal is expected to convene a general body soon.

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